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Monday June 17, 2013

With Apache OpenOffice you get what you don't pay for

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Apache OpenOffice is and always will be free to download from our website.  The license allows you to use it yourself and share copies with friends and families or even total strangers.  You may use it on home machines, in the office, with your small business, school, church, gardening club, etc.  And if you know how to program software, you can take the source code for OpenOffice and modify it and share it with others as well.  This is what open source means.

So it is sad when we receive emails from users, reporting that they have paid real money, as much as € 30 ($40 US), to websites in return for a link to our website.  These websites promise the user immediate access to "open source office software with support for the lowest price", claim that "supplies are limited" and that prices are "50% off, if you order within the next 2 minutes".  But after entering your credit card, or authorizing payment via SMS, you are merely redirected to the www.openoffice.org  website, where you can download the same Apache OpenOffice software that everyone else downloads for free!

Of course, the fact that you are reading this blog is evidence that you are familiar with OpenOffice and know that it is free.  The people who will be tricked into paying are those who do not read our blog, those who are not already familiar with OpenOffice. 

But with your help we can reach those in need of a free office suite, and make them aware of Apache OpenOffice and let them know that they can download it for free.   The more people who know about OpenOffice, the fewer people who will be fooled.   To help, go to our download page and the "Help Spread the Word" section.  Use any (or all) of those links to share the word about OpenOffice to your friends and family.   Let's try to make as many people as possible aware of OpenOffice!


I believe that in the LGPL licence, it is allowed for someone to charge and convert it to closed source. Is that true?

Posted by RobertX on June 22, 2013 at 01:49 AM UTC #

@RobertX, No, that is not an accurate statement. Remember, a license is the permission given from the author of a creative work to those who use that creative work. So the permission comes from the creator of the work. No 3rd party can subtract from that permission. What can happen is that someone takes a creative work, adds their own creative contributions, and then applies a different license to the entire composite work. But the portion of it that was not their work is still under the original license. An analogy. If a publisher, say Penguin, publishes a poem, say a Shakespeare sonnet, in an anthology, they can claim a copyright on the anthology itself, the selection and arrangement of the poems, and no one can copy the anthology without their permission. But the underlying Shakespeare sonnet remains in the public domain. It is similar with software. You can create proprietary (closed source) products with open source, but that does not change the license on the open source components that are used. (And by the way, Apache OpenOffice uses the Apache License 2.0, not LGPL, but the principle is the same)

Posted by Rob Weir on June 23, 2013 at 06:45 PM UTC #

Thank you.

Posted by RobertX on June 23, 2013 at 11:02 PM UTC #

I have used and am still using OpenSourceOffice on my old machine before it was called "Apache". It was Oracle Open Source way back when. When I grew tired of shelling out $400-$500 for a new M$ office suite. I have no complaints and getting ready to download Apache to my new laptop.

Posted by Larry on June 27, 2013 at 08:38 PM UTC #

I was terribly skeptical of the Apache Open Office software in the beginning, because I thought it was just too good to be true (which it definitely is) that it was compatible / equivalent to Microsoft Office. I have always been a Microsoft user, but my computer crashed and I had to restore it to its original version and I did not have the money to buy the new software before I returned back to school, where it is a requirement. Whew, I am so grateful to everyone who has taken part in the creation, upkeep, and innovation to this wonderful software. I will be sharing this information with anyone who will listen for years to come. Thanks again!

Posted by Brandy on June 29, 2013 at 04:48 AM UTC #

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