Apache™ Logging Services™ Project Announces Log4j™...

5 August 2015 -- The Apache Logging Services™ Project Management Committee (PMC) has announced that the Log4j™ 1.x logging framework has reached its end of life (EOL) and is no longer officially supported. Log4j saw its first release in 1999 and quickly became the most used logging framework ever. Over the years the project has released several... [Read more...]

The Apache Software Foundation announces Apache™ Z...

Open Source Composite Oriented Programming platform and tools provides "New Energy For Java" Forest Hill, MD –4 August 2015– The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today the immediate availability of Apache™ Zest™... [Read more...]

Planned downtime for Jira

There will be a planned reboot of Jira on Friday 7th August at 00:00 UTC. This is 72 hours notice as recommended in our Core Services planned downtime SLA. Currently, Jira requires a reboot when adding new projects to it. There is an outstanding ticket with Atlassian about this. They require logs and so these will be gathered at the time of the planned... [Read more...]

Apache OFBiz News - July 2015

News from the Apache OFBiz community ApacheCon Core EU 2015 will include a full Apache OFBiz track and the community discusses the redesign of its website, marketing and the project logo. ApacheCon Core EU 2015 The OFBiz community has once again been allocated a full OFBiz track at ApacheCon Core EU 2015 in Budapest. After presenting a full track... [Read more...]

The Apache News Round-up: week ending 31 July 2015

We've had quite a productive week in ApacheLand --here's what happened: ApacheCon™ –the official conference series of The Apache Software Foundation.  - Announcing Program for Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon: Core Europe –EARLY REGISTRATION INCENTIVES END 1 AUGUST!  http://s.apache.org/eg4 ASF Board –the ASF Board is... [Read more...]

Announcing Phoenix 4.5 released

The Apache Phoenix team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 4.5.0 release . Phoenix is a relational database layer on top of  Apache HBase  accessed as a JDBC driver for querying, updating, and managing HBase tables using SQL. The 4.x releases are compatible with HBase 0.98/1.0/1.1. Here are some of the highlights... [Read more...]

Securing Apache Geode With Your Corporate LDAP

This is a guest blog post written by Apache Geode contributor Guillermo Tantachuco To protect your data and to mitigate threats such as spoofing, information disclosure, replay attacks and elevation of privileges, Apache Geode (incubating)  provides mature security features  such as authentication, authorization and SSL... [Read more...]

New "Apache: Big Data" and "ApacheC...

Apache project committers and users will gather in Budapest to discuss Big Data and other key Apache technologies SAN FRANCISCO - July 29, 2015 - The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, today announced the lineup of speakers and sessions for Apache: Big... [Read more...]

The Apache News Round-up: week ending 24 July 2015

It's week 30 of the year --we're more than halfway through 2015. Here's what's we've been working on: ApacheCon™ –the official conference series of The Apache Software Foundation.  - Announcing Program for ApacheCon™: Core Europe –REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! http://s.apache.org/31N ASF Board –the ASF Board is... [Read more...]

Announcing Program for ApacheCon™: Core Europe –RE...

The Apache Software Foundation's official conference series will showcase dozens of key Apache projects across topics and tracks such as Cloud computing, Deployment, Internet of Things, Libraries, Microservices, Web Development, Community, and more. Themed "ApacheCon: Core", the event will be co-located with "Apache: Big Data"... [Read more...]

Apache Usergrid 1.0.2 released

Apache Usergrid 1.0.2 is now officially released and available for DOWNLOAD HERE . Here's the release announcement that was posted to the Usergrid dev mailing list last week: Apache Usergrid (incubating) is a multi-tenant Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) stack for web and mobile applications, based on RESTful APIs. Usergrid consists of a... [Read more...]

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ N...

NSA-originated Big Data automation system acquires and delivers data easily, securely, and reliably across enterprise systems in real time. Forest Hill, MD --20 July 2015-- The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today that... [Read more...]

Welcome to the Usergrid blog

Welcome and pardon the mess, we're just getting started here with this blog. We've got a layout, based on the Apache Usergrid website , we've got some categories and we've got a FIRST POST, hopefully to be followed by lots of interesting articles, release announcements and happy news about Usergrid. Stay tuned. [Read more...]

The Apache News Round-up: week ending 17 July 2015

It's been a great week! Here's what we've been up to: ASF Board –the ASF Board is responsible for management and oversight of the business and affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation's Bylaws.  - Upcoming Board Meeting: 19 August. Board calendar and minutes available at http://apache.org/foundati... [Read more...]

Mirroring to GitHub issues

As some of you are aware, there have been some issues syncing changes from repositories on https://git-wip-us.apache.org to the mirrors on GitHub. The issues we are seeing: Pull requests not being closed when they should be Changes not being synced to the GitHub mirrors Bots other than asfgit closing PRs on... [Read more...]

Announcing the release of Apache Samza 0.9.1

I am very excited to announce that Apache Samza 0.9.1 has been released. It's our second release as an Apache Top-level Project. Samza is a distributed stream processing framework. It uses Apache Kafka for messaging, and Apache Hadoop YARN to provide fault tolerance, processor isolation, security, and resource management. The project entered Apache... [Read more...]

The Apache News Round-up: week ending 10 July 2015

The Apache community of 550+ Members and 4,700+ Committers successfully collaborate across seven continents. Here's what we've been up to over the past week: ApacheCon™ –the official conference series of The Apache Software Foundation.  - DEADLINE: CFP closes on 10 July for "Apache: Big Data" 28-30 September 2015 in... [Read more...]

CloudStack and OpenSSL CVE-2015-1793

Updated July 11th, 2015: After reviewing CloudStack components and seeing Debian's advisory on CVE-2015-1793 (CloudStack's "system VM" is Debian based), it looks like CloudStack is not affected by this vulnerability. Original post follows... On the 9th of July, the OpenSSL project announced a high severity vulnerability within... [Read more...]

Google's DistBelief Clone Project on Apache Ha...

Deep Learning has become a household buzzword these days. Google, Microsoft, and Tencent have developed distributed deep learning systems but, these systems are closed source softwares. Many of open source softwares such as DeepDist, Caffe, ..., etc are data parallel only. In this blog post, I introduce an Artificial Neural Network implementation of Apache... [Read more...]

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