CouchDB Conf Videos

Videos from CouchDB Conf are now available. CouchDB everywhere with PouchDB Dale Harvey, Mozilla PouchDB is CouchDB written in JavaScript, that means it runs everywhere, I mean everywhere. Find out about why this changes everything for CouchDB and app developers, as well as the latest updates and status of the project. CouchDB Writ... [Read more...]

it works!

Testing iframe stuff <span id="XinhaEditingPostion"></span> [Read more...]

Running Hama K-Means in 5 minutes

Already you might know, the Apache Hama project provides a set of machine learning algorithms which can be applied in applications with very large scale data in multiple domains. In this post, I explain how to run BSP-based K-Means algorithm using Apache Hama, assume that you have already installed Hama cluster and you have tested it. 1. Download a... [Read more...]

Apache Tajo 0.2.0-incubating Released

Apache Tajo (incubating) 0.2 has been released The Apache Tajo team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Tajo  0.2-incubating, a bid data warehouse system on Hadoop that provides  low-latency and scalable ad-hoc queries and ETL on large-data sets  stored on HDFS and other data sources. This release is available for immediate... [Read more...]

Traffic Server Documentation now officially on Rea...

Today we have officially moved Apache Traffic Server's documentation over to Read the Docs . We have worked for quite some time now to move all of our documentation to Sphinx and into the git repository. This makes it simpler for both developers and users to contribute documentation updates. Perhaps my favourite feature of RTD is how... [Read more...]

The ASF's Position on Oracle's TCK License

In December 2010, The Apache Software Foundation resigned its seat on the JCP Executive Committee . Since then, our access to TCKs that previously had been provided by Oracle to a number of ASF projects has expired. The ASF has not blocked its projects from having access to JCP-provided TCKs. A number of such TCKs are made available without... [Read more...]

Board Report (November 2013)

CouchDB submits a board report every quarter. Here's a copy of our November board report. Description Apache CouchDB is a database that uses JSON for documents, JavaScript for MapReduce queries, and regular HTTP for an API. Releases 1.4.0 (2013-09-04) 1.5.0 (2013-11-06) Recent Activity Finalising the merge of... [Read more...]

Apache OpenOffice 4.1 to Bring Enhanced Accessibil...

The Apache OpenOffice project is pleased to announce that it has successfully integrated support for the Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) and IAccessible2 interfaces.  Support for these interfaces enables screen readers and other assistive technologies to work with Apache OpenOffice, which in turn enables greater productivity by OpenOffice... [Read more...]

[ANN] Isis Wicket Viewer 1.3.1 released, with upda...

The Isis team is pleased to announce the release of: - Wicket Viewer 1.3.1 - Simple Archetype 1.3.1 - Quickstart Archetype 1.3.1 This is primarily a bug patch of Wicket viewer; the only changes to the archetypes are to update the dependency on the Wicket viewer.  Full release are available at [1][2][3] on the Isis... [Read more...]

Tiles 3 is now GA !

Tiles 3.0.3 GA has been released. Containing some small bug fixes to the Tiles-3 series. It is the first Tiles-3 release promoted for General Availability. [Read more...]

CouchDB will go multilingual - looking for contrib...

The Apache CouchDB project is pleased to announce the creation of a localization team. The mailing list has been set up to cover everything l10n- and i18n-related in Apache CouchDB. The first steps will be to set up some tools to enable easy translation of the documentation and (at a later point) the administration interface... [Read more...]

Release of Apache Bigtop 0.7.0

Exciting times for the Apache Bigtop community and the Apache Hadoop ecosystem at large with the release of the brand new Apache Bigtop 0.7.0 ! This new release brings tons of new features and fixes for the beloved 100% community and open source driven big data distribution. Among the new features: Addition of ... [Read more...]

Apache CouchDB 1.5.0 Released

Apache CouchDB 1.5.0 has been released and is available for download. CouchDB is a database that completely embraces the web. Store your data with JSON documents. Access your documents with your web browser, via HTTP. Query, combine, and transform your documents with JavaScript. CouchDB works well with modern web and mobile apps. You can even serve web... [Read more...]

CouchDB Conf is Next Week

It’s almost time for CouchDB Conf, held in Vancouver on November the 13th. That’s the day before Cascadia JS. If you don’t have your ticket to CouchDB Conf yet, there’s still time secure a place. Come meet the community, and learn about the future of CouchDB. The ticket includes a reception at Cascadia JS, which starts the day after CouchDB Conf. ... [Read more...]

75 Million Downloads of Apache OpenOffice

We are pleased to report that yesterday, October 29th, someone downloaded the 75,000,000th copy of  Apache OpenOffice™.   The 75 million downloads have occurred in the less than 18th months since the first release of Apache OpenOffice on May 8th, 2012.  Apache OpenOffice (formerly called [Read more...]

Apache Flex 4.11 Released!

The Apache Flex project, the all-volunteer group of developers, and stakeholders in the development framework, today announced the release of Apache Flex 4.11.0 . This release makes some important improvements over previous versions of Apache Flex and Adobe Flex including new and improved components and performance enhancements. What’s new in Apache... [Read more...]

Phoenix Guest Blog

James Taylor  I'm thrilled to be guest blogging today about Phoenix, a BSD-licensed open source SQL skin for HBase that powers the HBase use cases at As opposed to relying on map-reduce to execute SQL queries as other similar projects, Phoenix compiles your SQL query into a series of HBase scans, and... [Read more...]

[ANN] Isis 1.3.0 released - crammed full of goodie...

The Isis team is pleased to announce the release of: Apache Isis Core version 1.3.0 Wicket Viewer 1.3.0 Restful Objects Viewer 2.1.0 JDO Object Store 1.3.0 Shiro Security 1.3.0 Quickstart Archetype 1.3.0 Simple Archetype 1.3.0 ... [Read more...]

HBase 0.96.0 Released

by Stack, the 0.96.0 Release Manager Here are some notes on our recent hbase-0.96.0 release (For the complete list of over 2k issues addressed in 0.96.0, see Apache JIRA Release Notes ). hbase-0.96.0 was more than a year in the making.    It was heralded by three developer releases -- 0.95.0, 0.95.1 and... [Read more...]


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